There are also various other ministries taking place in our church:

  • Discipleship courses (“The Development path”)
  • Cell groups
  • Evangelistic outreaches 
  • Diaconia
  • Children's and youth ministry
  • Students' and young adults' ministry
  • Ministries for families/men/women/married couples
  • Satellite churches in Raisio, Mynämäki and Lieto
  • Romany ministry
  • Media ministry
  • Missionary work and missions second hand shop
  • Israel ministry
  • Kupiluoto Camp Center
  • 24/7 prayer
  • Technical ministry (sound mixing, data projecting, IT support)


  • Soul counseling (In case you need soul counseling, please book an appointment by sending an email to sielunhoito[at]turunhelluntairk[dot]fi or by calling to 045-3247757 on Tuesday between 17-19. All counseling sessions are kept strictly confidential.)


Our church functions mainly through volunteering church members. If you would like to serve together with others in our church, please contact the office or the pastors.