Our vision is intimacy

The real deep meaning of life is found in the intimacy of one's relationship with God and people. That is why our vision is to live near God and near man. That is why we want to see a church whose members live in a love relationship with God and are devoted to serve their neighbours. We do our best to offer all members social structures that support the formation of significant relationships between people.

Our core mission is based on the Great Commission of Jesus to make disciples, i.e. to win, strengthen, equip and empower people. Practical discipleship that comes from the heart does not 'just happen' automatically in one's life. That is why we support the spiritual growth of the church members, in addition to the services also with cell groups and discipleship courses (the so called 'development path').

We want to be a church whose lifestyle is to tell about the changing power of Jesus. We want to be a church that encourages its members to grow and take responsibility. We want to be a church that shows practical love to those who need support.

Our different ministries support these aims. Learn about them and join us to be served and to serve.